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6 Common Uses and Benefits of Jasmine Oil

Jasmine oil comes from tiny beautifully shaped flowers. It is also known as a natural aphrodisiac because it has a rich floral sultry scent. The flower of jasmine is known in India as the “queen of the night” and in Iran is known as a “gift from God” and this is due to its seductive solid calming fragrance. Moreover, jasmine flowers symbolize love, serenity, beauty, purity, and kindness. It is usually used in wedding ceremonies and burials in some countries.

Jasmine flowers can be found in tropical and warmer climates in western China, Australasia, Iran, India, and North Africa. Jasmine plant lifespan is between 15 to 20 years and height between 10 to 15 feet and the flowers blossom from June to September. The harvest times take place in the early mornings before the sun becomes intense and burns the flowers.

Jasmine Flower
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In addition, jasmine absolute oil is obtained from flower petals through a simple and sensitive technique called solvent extraction using two different solvents which are ethanol and methanol. It is mainly composed of benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, indole,cic- jasmone, linalool, and other compositions.

Jasmine oil has many benefits that have been used for hundreds of years in China, Iran, Indonesia, India, and Egypt in traditional medicine. Today, Jasmine Absolute is used for aromatherapy, massage, and skin beauty products.

Here are the main benefits and uses of Jasmine Absolute oil.

1. In aromatherapy

Using jasmine oil in aromatherapy through inhalation and massaging is beneficial to reduce depressive problems and anxiety. Jasmine absolute oil contains antidepressant and sedative aphrodisiac properties that stimulate energy and help in relaxation and concentration. It is also ideal for relieving the symptoms of low libido in both men and women by stimulating sex hormones.

In addition, using jasmine oil for aromatherapy is also beneficial to reduce the symptoms of menstruation and menopause problems such as hot flashes and headaches.

2. Induce sleep

The pleasant uplifting scent of jasmine oil is well-known for its relaxing properties that enhance sleep quality. Scientifically, it has been shown that jasmine oil reduces blood pressure and eases the nervous system.

3. Air freshener

Jasmine oil can freshen up the air in a home or open workspaces to get rid of toxins and keep the atmosphere smelling good.

What you need:

  • Bottle with sprayer
  • 3/4 distilled water
  • 1/4 rubbed alcohol
  • 20 drops of jasmine absolute oil

4. Skin hydration

Additionally, mixing jasmine oil with another carrier oil is beneficial for the skin since it contains anti-ageing properties that delay wrinkles and fine lines. It also hydrates the skin and helps get rid of skin redness and blemishes.

Beauty tip: Put a few drops of jasmine essential oil into your favourite skin moisturizer this is going to leave your skin smelling amazing.

5. Jasmine oil for hair care

Include jasmine essential oil for your hair care routine by putting two drops of jasmine oil to the points of the hair to keep your hair fragrance smelling floral.

6. Home Spa

Jasmine oil can be useful for spa aromatherapy at home to elevate your mood and relieve aches and pains.


Mix a few drops of jasmine absolute oil with rose essential oil, ylan-ylang essential oil, and lavender essential oil. Add Epsom salt and flower petals for a romantic touch.

Jasmine Oil

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