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Do’s and Don’ts During Your Menstrual Period

During your menstrual period, you may neglect yourself, therefore, you may face serious health problems due to carelessness during these important days of your menstruation. One of these common problems is vaginal gas or wind.

Vaginal gas is when the uterus is filled with air and gases that come out from the vaginal opening accompanied by sounds and smells that may cause embarrassment, and accompanied by some secretions and vaginal fluids during the period of the menstrual cycle, and sometimes before or after. This problem requires seeing a doctor for an examination.

Don’ts During Your Menstrual Period:

  1. Drinking cold water and eating ice cream.
  2. Intense workout and physical activities.
  3. Avoid carrying heavy things.
  4. Waxing and face masks during the period can cause irritation and allergy.
  5. Showering with cold water during the period.
  6. Never take tablets like Aspirin during this period.
  7. Walking barefoot or sitting on a cold floor.
  8. Drink or eat acidic fruits like lemon, oranges, and sour milk.
  9. Don’t eat junk food.
  10.  Wash the vaginal area with soap and water.

Do’s During Your Menstrual Period:

  1. Drink hot herbal teas, like cinnamon, chamomile, anise, cumin, mint, and ginger tea.
  2. Fill a plastic bag with hot or warm water and put it on the abdomen for several minutes to relieve the pain.
  3. Avoid diet during the period and eat healthy food.
  4. Drink coffee to avoid the tenseness and the anxiety caused by the menstrual cycle.
  5. Change pads and tampons every three to four hours to avoid bacteria and bad odours.
  6. Shower with warm water but not for a long period.
  7. Drink more water to keep yourself self-hydrated.

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