Drawing Therapy

Unlock The Healing Power Within: Why Drawing Can Be Your Therapy

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
– Thomas Merton

Drawing and colouring is an effective healing therapy that enables the person to boost his/her creativity, relieve stress, and improve self-esteem.

In a 2010 research review about the connection between art and health, researchers said that art had positive effects on health and well-being. Art can help people find their identity, express their deep feelings, decrease blood pressure, and boost their skills.

Here is how drawing can help you:

1. Stress relief

Doing painting or art, in general, can help you from being overwhelmed and allows you to express negative emotions which relieves stress, clears your mind of unwanted thoughts, and helps you fully focus on your drawing.

2. Strengthen the brain

In fact, the right side of the brain is responsible for creativity, while the left side is analytical. Therefore, when both sides of the brain work together they enable the person to strengthen the brain and boost innovation and creativity.

3. Enhance communication

When you’re drawing you’re creating a strong bond between images, words, and the message you want to transmit through your works. In other words, drawing helps you communicate your feelings and ideas that you might find difficult to express verbally.

4. Improve creativity

Drawing is an opportunity to explore your creative side which requires a wide imagination to come up with great ideas and visualize inner thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

5. Improve focus and memory

In addition, drawing and other artistic activities keep you focused and well-concentrated in creating your works because it keeps both hemispheres of the brain active.

6. Drawing Boost your mood

Another benefit of drawing is that it boosts positive emotions in the brain and creates feelings of accomplishment and happiness.

7. Have fun

Drawing, doodling, illustrating, or colouring is also a great opportunity to enjoy being creative and boost self-esteem. You don’t need to be a professional artist, take a pencil and paper and unleash the potential in you.

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