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The Science of Self-Talk: Why Complimenting Yourself is More Important Than You Think

wCompliments are a way to increase one’s well-being and lift one’s mood and self-confidence. Merriam-Webster defines a compliment as follows ” an expression of esteem, respect, affection, or admiration.”

Giving compliments doesn’t go only beyond physical appearance but also expresses sincere positive appreciation and respect towards others and improves peoples’ good feelings and strengthens relationships. What people don’t realize is that compliments aren’t only given to others. As an individual, you can give moral and physical compliments to yourself. It is an exercise that you practice daily to increase your self-esteem and self-praise.

Appreciating one’s self is important nowadays because everyone is busy with their own lives. People barely find time to compliment each other or sometimes you don’t need people’s validation to give you compliments about yourself and the things you’ve achieved. However, complimenting one’s self has a great impact on our psychological needs to achieve goals and increase self-confidence which allows you to believe in yourself and your abilities.

I asked 5 different people the following question. Here is what they’ve answered.

Question: Do you give yourself compliments?

Answer 1: No because I don’t find myself interesting and I find that a bit weird. I’d prefer to receive compliments from other people.

Answer 2: well, that’s a good question, but I just find it hard to answer. I’ve never thought before of complimenting myself.

Answer 3:Actually, I don’t need to compliment myself. I find this funny because sometimes I misunderstand myself.

Answer 4: To be honest with you, I frequently compliment myself whenever I achieve something in my life. It gives me a push to do even more great things.

Answer 5: I know my worth and qualities so I don’t need to give compliments to myself.

The majority of respondents said that giving compliments to themselves sounds a bit unfamiliar to them and they find it unnecessary. This shows that the majority of people subconsciously see themselves as unworthy of praise and sometimes it’s the mainstream thought that praising one’s self is considered self-centredness and narcissism.

The positive psychological effects of complimenting yourself

  • To appreciate and value one’s self.
  • Accept yourself and understand your needs.
  • Help you feel more positive.
  • Improve self-confidence.
  • Help you reach your goals.
  • Increase positive self-talk.
  • Create positive emotions.

Here are the best positive self-compliments you can tell yourself daily.

  1. I know my worth
  2. Keep on shining like a star
  3. I’m a candle in the darkness
  4. I’m successful
  5. I’m creative
  6. I’m resilient
  7. I’m persistent and active
  8. I feel comfortable
  9. I’m loved
  10. I’m capable
  11. I deserve the best
  12. I’m proud of me
  13. I deserve to be
  14. I’m stunning
  15. I matter
  16. I’m happy with what I am
  17. I accept myself
  18. I feel good in my skin
  19. I’m strong
  20. I can handle

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