Tricks to Wear High Heels Without Pain
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Tricks to Wear High Heels Without Pain

You like high heels, and you want to wear them but you end up regretting them because of the pain they make at the end of the day. Today, I’m going to give you some tips that may help you to resolve this problem and get rid of it easily. Here are the best hacks for walking in heels without pain.

 Tricks to wear high heels without pain

  1. Choose the right pair of shoes: don’t crack for 12-inch heels! choose heels that you can support.
  2. Before you buy high heels make sure that they fit you perfectly and walk with the shoes back and forth to test and assure they are comfortable.
  3. Make sure you buy heels at the right moment: as we all know at the end of the day we get tired and our feet become swollen. So, for this reason, it is preferable to buy heels at the end of the day rather than in the morning to assure that you won’t get the wrong pair of shoes.
  4. When you wear heels without tights sprinkle talcum powder to absorb perspiration and avoid chafing in shoes that cause burns, blisters, and other discomforts.
  5. Take care of your feet: cut and shape your toenails regularly, and nourish and moisturize your feet to restore suppleness to the skin.
  6. Place your feet under cold tap water for a few seconds, apply feet moisturizer cream on your feet, and then put on your shoes.
  7. Use heel grips if your feet slip around the heels or try liquid band-aids to prevent back heel blisters.
  8. Pamper your feet after a long busy day: take a small tub and fill it with warm water and add baby oil with vitamin E to soak your feet in.

With all these precious tips, we are ready to wear heels and enjoy our beautiful days, shopping, and parties. I will say goodbye and leave you with the following beautiful trendy heels kisses!

High Heels Pain
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High Heels Pain
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