Summer 2017 Colour Trends

Summer 2017 Colour Trends

It’s Summer time, the season of fresh trendy colors, here are the top fashion colors of 2017 summer season according to the global color industry PANTONE with chic stylish cloth samples.

Summer 2017 Colour Trends by PANTONE:

  1. Primrose Yello Colour:

Primrose Yello

Yellow is a summer color that brings to your soul joy and happiness, sunny color that fits summer season and suitable for your holidays. Combine Primrose Yellow color with neutral colors like white, nude and creamy colors.

Combine Primrose Yellow color with neutral colors like white, nude and creamy colors.

2.Pink Yarrow:

Pink Yarrow

Attractive beautiful femininity color.Match this pink color with white, lighter green, orange, and sky blue color.

3.Pale Dogwood Pink:

Pale Dogwood Pink

My favorite color of all the times, Pinky peaceful baby color.

4.Ethereal White:

Ethereal White

The color of peace, light, purity and sincere love, during summer we see wedding white dresses with beautiful white roses.Simply white color is irreplaceable.

5.Niagara Blue:

Niagara Blue

Niagra is the three waterfalls between Canada, United States and between the province of Ontario and the state of New York.This denim relaxing blue waterfall shade is magical and the sound of the Niagra falls take you away to another world.Wearing a Niagra blue dress is just AMAZING!



This color represents the 2017 trendy summer color.This greenery color is inspired from nature, life, serenity and deep relaxation.



The color nut of the Hazel, a warm lighter color of all seasons, the Royal elegant color with gorgeous jewels.

8.Metallic Silver:

Metallic Silver

The Metalic shiny color of great brightening occasions.

The following picture shows all summer 2017 Colour Trends  by PANTONE:


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