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Review About the Facial Cleansing Brush

It has been 3 months since I have used the facial cleansing brush in my daily skincare routine. Frankly, before I was fed up with cleaning my face with my hands using cleansers and scrubs to help me get clean facial skin, but the results were not satisfying me as much as I wanted them to be.

This cleansing brush contains different accessories; each has its use; it is a battery-powered brush you should change the battery each time it runs off charge. Moreover, this brush has two speeds, the lower speed and the fastest one.

This Brush Has 7 Different Accessories :

1. Little Round  soft brush for the face

cleansing brush

  This cleaning brush stimulates your facial skin and cleanses all the impurities with circular movements, it also cleanses the hidden areas that we cannot clean well with our hands such as the nose and the chin.

To use this soft brush moisten it with water and add your cleansing gel turn on the cleansing brush.

2. This crude polish accessory is useful when you want to do a face scrub, just apply your favourite scrub gel on your facial skin turn on the appliance machine on the low level and let it turn on your face. You can use it to rip the tough skin.

Ps: it is not recommended for sensitive skin.

3. These 2 crude polish accessories help you a lot to take care of your nails. Use them as a nail file. It also helps get rid of cuticles, and smooth and shape your nails.

3. These 2 accessories are helpful to exfoliate your skin and remove the tough and dead top layer of skin from your feet.

Soak your feet in warm water for 5 minutes, and then turn on the machine at a high level and put it on your feet.

4. Finally, this rolling massager is useful to do massages for skin, and for facial skin as well.

Apply your favourite oil to your facial skin and do a circular motion with the cleaning brush, this will help you to increase blood circulation, and protect your skin from ageing.

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