Best Qualities a Woman Looks for in a Husband

23 Qualities to Look for in a Husband

When it comes to marriage and commitment every woman needs to set essential standards and good qualities to avoid toxic relationships, unfaithfulness, and ignorance that lead to break up.

Every healthy strong relationship should be based on respect, trust, loyalty, compassion, and mutual interests, but there are other fundamental qualities that every woman looks for to commit to a partner in order to maintain a successful marital life away from material things and sexual chemistry.

I think every woman asks herself questions before she gets engaged as to what to look for in a good husband. what are the essential qualities of a good husband? what are they based on?

So here are the most important qualities to look for in a husband. If you’re a man reading this article, keep in mind the following qualities that might guide you to assist well with your future partner.

Qualities to look for in a Husband

1. Fears Allah (God)

Let’s begin our quality with this verse from the Quran.

“Indeed, Allah is with those who fear Him (keep their duty to Allah) and those who are Muhsinûn (good-doers).” – [Quran 16:128]

Allah is with those who fear Him” because they scrupulously refrain from evil ways and always adopt the righteous attitude, for they know that their actions and deeds are not determined by the evils others do to them but by their own sense of righteousness; so they return good for evil.

Fearing Allah (God) is the highest level of faith that one can attain. By regular self-assessment, one can gauge what is the right way for him/her.

2. Trust and respect

Trust and respect are fundamental qualities in every relationship as they lead to more self-confidence and build prosperity. They are also a key ingredient to feeling valued and improving mental well-being.

How to build trust and respect in a relationship?

  • Honour commitment and respect each other.
  • Be clear and respect boundaries.
  • Talk to each other and don’t expect too much too soon.
  • Give feedback respectfully and take responsibility for your actions.
  • Show your feelings and what is right.
  • Admit mistakes.

3. Communication

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”

Peter Drucker

Communication is a sign of a strong healthy relationship since it enables the couple to express their feelings, ideas, desires, and needs. Beyond that, communication builds trust and secures a partnership.

Tips to improve communication in a relationship

  1. Be open-minded and honest.
  2. Use body language.
  3. Discuss everything without fear.
  4. Give your honest point of view with respect.
  5. Ask about each other’s desires, needs, goals, and dreams.
  6. Choose quality conversations.
  7. Choose the right time to communicate.

4. Respectful

Respect means giving space to the other person to be who they truly are. A woman wants a man who makes her worthy and respects her choices, interests, boundaries, decisions, thoughts, and properties.

5. Protective

Every woman seeks to find a partner who is protective and territorial which means a man who has the masculine energy to protect his wife from danger and defend her in public. A protective man is a sign that he loves and values his wife he also cares about her health, he ensures she’s safe, and he encourages and eases her fears.

6. Loyal and faithful

“Relationships with loyalty are stronger because both people can be themselves and share what they’re experiencing without fear that the other person will abandon them”.


A partner must be loyal and faithful which is key to building a harmonious strong and secure relationship. Being loyal and faithful toward other people is going to form deeper bonds and establish integrity and sincerity.

7. Confident man

Confidence is going to promote a relationship and improve self-esteem. A woman likes a man who has self-confidence because it makes a man confident and knows what he wants. It also helps him overcome stress, anxiety, and fears and helps him make better decisions.

8. Independent

Another quality that a woman looks for in her future husband is independence and self-reliance. Being independent is fundamental to achieving success in life and making better decisions.

9. He is mature

A mature resilient man knows what his wife wants without explaining much, he won’t play any mind games to trick his wife or win over her. In addition to that, a mature man is responsible (not a mama’s boy), accepts differences, and has goals.

10. Supportive

Being supportive in partnership means listening to the other person, giving a shoulder to cry on, caring, loving, and helping. Support is going to increase the relationship bonds and improve trust and self-esteem. Moreover, a supportive man is going to support his wife to pursue and fulfil her dreams.

11. Kind

Of course, being a kind person means a lot to a woman because you’re going to show her how much you care about her to gain her heart and make her feel at ease.

For example, you can be a kind person by doing thoughtful things to your woman such as preparing a hot cup of tea/chocolate/coffee and putting it on her desk while she’s busy with work.

12. Smart

Most women are fascinated by smart men and find them sexy because they are creative and explore more for knowledge. Intelligent men have interesting topic conversations that make the discussion more enjoyable and interesting.

Qualities to look for  in a Husband
Image by Bianca Van Dijk from Pixabay

13. He has a good sense of humour

Within a relationship, having a sense of humour is appealing for a woman who needs a man who cheers up her mood in difficult times and tells jokes. So, if you can make a woman laugh half the battle is won believe me.

14. He shares mutual interests

In fact, sharing the same interests in a relationship is important because it creates a deep bond, lessens anxiety, and increases happiness.

Having more in common is going to make the partnership spicier and happier.

15. Positive and open-minded

Positivity and open-mindedness in a relationship are important to boost energy and express thankfulness and happiness to welcome new ideas and arguments. Beyond that, being positive and able to change outdated beliefs in a relationship is going to improve personal growth and increase productivity.

16. Ready to compromise

You can’t date a man who isn’t ready to compromise when there is a disagreement about a certain topic between you two. Compromise is an important bridge in a partnership to share different thoughts, ideas, opinions, and perspectives in a respectful way. Of course, when I say compromise this doesn’t mean that you have to agree on everything.

17. A good listener

A relationship with strong bonds, balance, and joy requires a good listener to establish trust, respect, and clarity. Listening also means comprehending and understanding things clearly to see things from their points of view.

18. He’s self-motivated

Self-motivation is defined by Merriam-Webster as follows “driven by one’s own desires and ambitionsmotivated by oneself”.

A self-motivated person is able to work and rely on himself to reach and achieve his goals with great motivation and positivity.

19. He has principles

Oxford Dictionary defines the term principle as follows: ‘ a moral rule or a strong belief that influences your actions. A person of principles is someone who has values, morals, and consciousness. A principled person is also someone who acts with integrity, loyalty, and honesty. For example, a person who has principles doesn’t lie, drink alcohol, scam people, etc.

20. Financial stability

Another important quality that every woman focuses on when dating or getting married is a man who is financially secure and stable in order to live comfortably with less stress and better health.

21. He appreciates his wife’s good qualities

Praising and complimenting a woman is a great way to show love, care, and kindness to strengthen a partnership, and increase resilience and physical health. Furthermore complementing a woman is going to motivate her and build trust. For instance, you can complement your wife’s good attitude, cooking skills, her style, and compliment her on a nice job presentation.

22. Sexual compatibility

Sexual compatibility and intimacy are important in a healthy marriage life to keep both partners content and satisfied. That’s why it’s important to feel chemistry and sexual compatibility with your companionship to share the same interests and needs.

23. Compatible

Loving someone with a compatible personality and sharing the same beliefs, needs, interests, and ideas will enhance the partnership philosophy and goals. This doesn’t mean that they have to like everything you do or they prefer the same colour as you because remember that being different is what makes your unique personality.

All the above-mentioned qualities are the fundamental ones that women look for in a husband, of course, there are endless superficial qualities but these are the basic ones that make every relationship strong and have potential.

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