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Tips to Protect Colour-Treated Hair

Dyeing your hair gives you vibrant, attractive hair colour, and style, but keeping your colour-treated hair soft and shiny is a hard thing.

Chemical treatments that alter your hair colour can cause damage to your hair. Thus, dyed hair needs more protection and attention. Knowing how you take care of your colour-treated hair is something essential to keep your dyed hair lasting longer and make it stay healthy and strong.

Tips to  protect colour-treated hair

  • First things first, it’s not recommended to dye your hair by yourself at home. It’s preferable to do it in a hair professional salon with hair experts.
  • Choose high-quality dye hair colour brands that contain vitamins.
  • After coloring your hair wait 3 or 4 days to shampoo your hair because the cuticle layer of your hair is fully open. Also, allow the colour to soak into your hair cuticle and add more pigmentation.
  • Use sulfate-free and without paraben shampoos and conditioners made for color-treated hair.

  Sulfate-free Shampoos for Colour-treated  Hair

protect coloured hair

1. Aubrey Organics J.A.Y. Shampoo

2. Kinky Curly-Come Clean Shampoo

3. Aveeno Pure Renewal

4. Jessicurl-Gentle Lather Shampoo

5. L’oreal-EverStrong Shampoo

6. Eden-Jojoba Monoi

7. Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo


9. Smooth As Silk Shampoo



protect colour treated hair
Colour-Treated Hair Shampoos
  • You should wash your hair only 2 times a week: it may sound weird, but there is no need to wash your hair daily because it will cause your hair colour to fade and dry.
  • Use a soft wide-tooth hair comb to avoid hair loss, split ends, and breakages.
  • To protect color-treated hair you should Avoid hot water and use lukewarm water instead to wash off your hair.
  • Reduce the use of a hairdryer and use heat protectants.
  • Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair and absorb water easily.
  • Avoid chlorine after hair dye, so use a swimming cap or apply a hair conditioner.
  • Make a hot oil bath for hair before you wash it off.
  • Eat healthily and consume more vitamins such as vitamin C.

If you have some other tips on how to protect color-treated hair please don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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