Nail Art Trends for 2022
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Nail Art Trends for 2022

2022 is coming soon and without a doubt, you are looking for new trendy nail art designs that suit your style and your nail’s shape to complete your look.

Last year, we saw different nail styles from glittery nails, half-moons, black and golden strip nails, dots, snowy flakes nails, and so on.

In addition, 2022 nail art trends and designs are awesome, simple, and beautiful. If you’re looking for inspiration you’re in the right place, we’ve picked up the best nail trend for you.

Nail Art Trends for 2022

1. Glitzy Glam Bands

Nail Art Trends for 2022
Nail Art Trends for 2022

2.French Tips

French tips are very famous and classic. This year french tips are multicolored, metallic tips, black and white and, glittery.

Nail Art Trends

3. Swirl Nails

Swirl nails are a type of wavy outlines nail and they are one of the most famous nail trends for 2021-2022

4. Floral Nails Manicure

Floral nails are a real art! small flowers and leaves, flower bouquets, and flowery landscapes are the perfect manicure trends for spring 2022 for a more feminine touch.

5.Moons and Sparkles Manicure

Colorful, silver, and gold moons stars and sparkles manicure tendencies are very festive to stay chic, simple, and sophisticated during winter 2021 and 2022.

Nail Art Design Trends

6. Reverse Half-moon

This reverse half-moon red manicure by paintbox nails is very festive and chic for winter 2021-2022.

7. Double French Strips

Moreover, a French manicure with thin or thick strips on nude nails is another trendy manicure that is very simple for every day and it’s also easy to make at home.

Nail Art Design Trends
Nail Art Design Trends

8.Classic French with a Red Twist

The classic French red twist is an uncredible classy manicure and popular that remains chic and original.

9. Dots Manicure

Nude nails with shiny dots are an easier DIY and simple for an elegant everyday manicure.

Nail Art Trends for 2022

10. Blue Waves

Pop up your 2022 summer look and go on for a blue waves manicure that is simple yet fresh.

Nail Art Trends for 2022
Nail Art Trends for 2022


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