Keep your Makeup Last Longer
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Essential Makeup Products to Keep your Makeup Last Longer

How to  Keep Your Makeup Last Longer?

It’s the spring season the temperature sometimes is moderate and sometimes it’s hot. Women start to face difficulties to keep their makeup looking simple and natural without any problems with dry and oily skin.

The following tips will help you get a day full of makeup coverage routines with easy instructions that every woman who loves makeup should follow.
My ladies, we all know that to have beautiful makeup we need to have flawless clean facial skin. So, first things first when you wake up morning wash your face with warm water, and then use a mild cleanser to get rid of oily skin and make your skin smoother. Use a clean towel to dry your facial skin. After that apply a toner that suits your skin.
Ladies, after your face is clean, apply an eye cream under the eyes and let it dry.

Moisturize your skin your forehead, chin, cheeks, nose everything to prevent your skin from dryness. Most of that don’t forget to moisturize your lips.
Now, my ladies, we move on to the makeup products that you need to start your makeup day.

1. Primer


Get a good primer that suits your color skin. Use a brush to apply Primer all over your face. The goal of the Primer is to help you minimize pores and get rid of shiny areas that are caused by oily secretions.

2. Foundation


Foundation will help you get full-day makeup coverage. Use a foundation that suits your skin type and apply it with a brush or beauty blender (you have the choice).

3. Concealer


The concealer has a creamy effect and it will make your skin flawless and hide all skin imperfections like pimples.

4. Face-setting powder

The powder will fix the foundation and Concealer to stay all day; also it will absorb the oily secretions.

5. Blush and bronzer

Choose the right brushes for bronzer and blush and choose the beautiful colors that undertone your skin.
Start applying the bronzer and then the blush

6. Highlighter

Applying a highlighter will give your skin a beautiful color and enhance your bone structure (nose, cheeks, and forehead) to give you perfect skin shine.

7. Setting spray

Spray makeup will help you fix all the creams and steps you did before to give you a natural look and help your makeup stay all day, especially in hot weather.

8. Lipstick

keep makeup last longer

Choose a lipstick color that you want, make sure that your lips do not contain dead skin, apply sunscreen, put concealer over your lips, then outer the edges of your lips and fill the rest of your lips, then take a tissue and place it on your lips and dust baby talc powder or setting powder on it. Finally, apply your lipstick and enjoy your smile.

9. Eyeshadow

Keep makeup last longer

These are the steps for makeup products that every woman should follow especially if you are a beginner.
If you are not a big fan of makeup and you want to stay natural comment below I will write an article about skin routine that will help you get flawless skin without makeup.