Effective Ways to Moisturize Dry and Cracked Hands

Effective Ways to Moisturize Dry Cracked Hands

Winter season is soon, Most of us will spend time outdoors studying, working, playing with the snow, and so on. The cold weather can lead our hands to get rough and cracked. In this article, I will try to deal with effective tips to moisturize dry cracked hands and protect them from extreme weather.

The Most Common Causes of Dry Hands

Chemical products: chemicals damage the outer skin layer of the hands, and it leaves the skin vulnerable to all kind of problems. That is why it is recommended to use gloves while using chemical products. 

Hot water: many people use hot water for handwashing but they don’t dry their hands when they finish or moisturize their hands. This can lead hands to dryness and brittle nails as well.

Soap: sometimes people use unsuitable soaps for their hands. Try to use nourishing natural soaps that are made with oils or milk.

Other factors such as aging, genetic factors, and skin diseases like eczema.

 Effective Ways to Moisturize Dry Cracked Hands

1.Avocado and banana: smash half a banana with half avocado. Apply the mask on your hands for 15 minutes. Rinse your hands with cool water and moisturize them with your hand cream.

2.Honey and olive oil: mix one tablespoon of honey with 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Apply the mask on your hands and wear gloves for 20 minutes. Rinse your hands with cool water.

3.Coconut oil: coconut oil is rich in fatty acids. Massage your hands with coconut oil and wear gloves for better results.

4.Glycerin and almond oil: in a small bottle mix glycerin and almond oil. Apply this mixture as a moisturizer every day before bed.

4.Chocolate: it may sound strange, but chocolate is effective to moisturize hands because it is rich with collagen and it hydrates the skin perfectly. Melt chocolate in a microwave; apply it on your hands for 15 minutes.

Note: if you have any other solutions, please share them with us you are welcome anytime.