Cucumber Benefits for Health and Skin
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Cucumber Benefits for Health and Skin

Cucumber is a green watery fresh fruit that contains 95% of water and various vitamins like A, B, C, and K.

Besides, cucumbers are also a good source of minerals such as:

What are the health and skin benefits of cucumber?

Cucumber Benefits for Health


As cucumbers are 95% water, they are effective to increase skin hydration and provide the body with a good amount of water that helps cleanse the liver and gut from toxins and impurities.

2. Sun Protection

Cucumbers contain vitamin C, flavonoids, and antioxidants that protect the skin from damaging UV rays, therefore it relieves sunburns due to their cooling properties.

You can use sunscreen products that are made with cucumber or by drinking cucumber juice.

3-Lose Weight

Additionally, this watery fruit is low in fats and calories that help you feel quickly saturated and decrease the feeling of hunger.

Anytime you feel hungry eat cucumbers and drink more water to drop extra weight fastly and in a healthy way.

4-Aids Digestion

In addition, Cucumbers contain water and dietary fibers, two rich components that aids and improve digestion problems like acidity, ulcers, and gastritis.

Simply include juice and sliced cucumbers in your diet to improve digestion.

5-Prevents Cancer

Furthermore, cucumber seeds are highly concentrated in cucurbitacin and vitamin C which are effective to fight different kinds of cancer and improve the immune system.

6-Regulates Blood Pressure

Cucumbers contain a wide range of minerals like potassium, sodium, and flavonoids that lower blood pressure.

Increase your intake of cucumbers to regulate your blood pressure.

7-Combats Bad Breath

Cucumber is a crunchy fresh fruit full of water and rich in fibers that help produce saliva that hydrates the mouth and fights off bacteria and bad breath.

Cucumber Benefits for Skin

Cucumber benefits for skin

1-Prevents Acne

Cucumber has anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help control the pH of the skin and prevents the growth of bacteria and soothe skin irritation and acne.

2-Combat Premature aging and wrinkles

Further, vitamin C and folic acid in cucumbers are two rich components that stimulate new cell growth and increase collagen production on the skin.

3-Brighten and flawless skin

Moreover, The presence of minerals such as magnesium and potassium in cucumbers makes it useful to tighten and brighten your skin and also makes it more vital and radiant.

4-Remove dark spots

On the other hand, cucumbers can reduce easily the appearance of dark spots due to the cooling properties and anti-oxidants that are present in cucumber juice.

5-Dark circles and puffiness

Cucumber reduces dark circles and puffiness under the eyes due to vitamin C and silica that hydrates skin and helps blood vessels to cool down.

Place cool cucumber slices under your eyes for 15 minutes to decrease water retention and battle puffiness under the eyes.

6-An Excellent Toner

Last but not least, cucumbers contain 95% of water they can offer the best fresh relief to your skin by making it an awesome toner to rejuvenate your skin and tighten open pores.

How to make a cucumber toner?

You need:

Mix well the ingredients together. Use the liquid mixture as a toner. Conserve in the fridge.

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