8 reasons why you shouldn't never sleep with makeup
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8 Reasons Why you Should Avoid Sleeping in Makeup

Wearing makeup is a necessity for most women as it helps enhance their daily look and makes women more confident and attractive. On the other hand, makeup has also negative effects on the skin, especially if the makeup brushes aren’t clean enough or if you adopt bad habits like sleeping in makeup.

Falling asleep with makeup might cause serious skin problems. Here are the best reasons why you should avoid sleeping in makeup.

1. Makeup and acne

One of the major reasons why you shouldn’t sleep with makeup is that it causes acne and skin breakouts due to foundations and concealers that are put on the skin for long hours.

Sleeping with makeup can prevent your skin from renewing itself and functioning correctly because your pillow is like a sponge it’s going to absorb all the makeup residues and oils which is going to affect your skin and cause clogged pores and inflammations. So; it’s recommended to do a full daily skincare routine to allow your skin’s cells to breathe.

2. Irritated dull skin

Regular wearing of makeup can lead your skin to feel dull and irritated due to the extreme use of makeup products that lead your skin to dehydration and dryness.

3. Break down collagen

While sleeping with makeup your skin can trap pollutants and dirt that prevent the skin from its renewal process and break down collagen formation on your skin. Losing collagen means the loss of skin physiological functions that accelerate skin ageing and reduce skin elasticity.

4. Sleeping in makeup can cause dry skin

Going to bed with makeup residues can worsen the skin and make it look drier and flaky especially oil-based makeup products because they create a barrier to the skin from penetrating the skin’s surface and causing dryness. In addition, your lips can also suffer from long-wearing lipsticks that may cause chapped dry lips as well.

5. Say ‘Hello’to wrinkles!

Oil-based makeup can cause clogged pores that lead to skin breakouts and prevent the skin from breathing. It also prevents the skin’s recovery process and with time the skin loses firmness which leads to problems of aging.

6. Lose youth and vitality

Makeup leads the skin to trap dead skin cells and dirt on the surface which causes the skin to lose its youth and vitality.

7. Puffy eyes and dark circles

Puffy eyelids and dark circles under the eyes are other reasons why you should clean your makeup before bed because mascara and eyeshadow can seep into the eyes and cause puffy eyes and swollen eyelids. Beyond that makeup can also cause dark circles and itchiness under the eyes.

8. Eyelashes falling out!

Wearing mascara throughout the day can build up layers of products on the eyelashes which can damage hair lashes and hair follicles and cause breakouts.

sleeping in makeup

A night skincare routine that you shouldn’t forget

  • Clean your makeup using micellar water.
  • Dr. Sheila. Nazarian a Dermatologist and a Board-certified Plastic Surgeon and the founder of Nazarian Plastic Surgery and Spa26 in Beverly Hills suggest cleaning the skin using Ferulic + Retinol brightening solution to improve skin’s radiance.
  • Hydrate and moisturize your skin after cleansing your face.
  • Use friendly skin moisturizers like Cerave’s facial moisturizing lotion.
  • Hydrate your lips.

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