Teas for Digestive Problems
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8 Best Teas for Digestive Problems

Digestive problems are a common problem among lots of people from embarrassing gas to stomach burns that are caused by bad eating habits. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), 60 to 70 million people around the world are affected by digestive diseases such as chronic constipation, gallstones, gastrointestinal infections, celiac disease, and a lot many common digestive conditions.

However, the digestive tract includes one of the following symptoms.

1. Bloating

2. Constipation

3. Diarrhea

4. Pain in the belly

5. Weight gain or loss

6. Stomach acids

In addition, to ease digestive problems and support immune health, herbal teas are one of the most effective tisanes that help relax and soothe the stomach. Herbal teas are made from herbs, plants, or spices and steeped in hot water.

Here are the best healthy herbal teas for digestive problems.

1. Fennel

Teas for Digestive Problems
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Fennel tea is an effective aid to digestion and helps relieve the symptoms of gastrointestinal stress, reduce gas, and bloating, and soothe stomach cramps.

How to prepare fennel tea?

  • Purchase fennel seed tea bags that are ready to steep.
  • Heat fresh water to boil.
  • Add a fennel seed tea bag and pour hot water over the tea leaves.
  • Steep the tea for 15 minutes and it can be steeped for longer to get a stronger taste.
  • Take one cup of fennel tea every day until you feel well.

2. Ginger

Teas for Digestive Problems
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Ginger has been used for centuries in traditional medicine. Ginger tea is beneficial for the digestive system because it helps in reducing stomach cramps and bloating.

One cup of ginger tea after a rich meal is effective to soothe the stomach and relieve digestive troubles.

Ginger tea preparation:

  • 2 tablespoons of fresh and peeled sliced ginger root
  • In a pot, bring to boil 4 cups of water with ginger.
  • Let simmer for about ten minutes on low heat.
  • Remove from heat, strain, and add honey to taste.

3. Green tea

This tasty herbal tea has also been shown to improve gastrointestinal symptoms. It is rich in polyphenols that help the digestive system to work properly.

Green tea also helps relieve a bloated stomach and decreases starch absorption in the stomach.

The recommended amount of drinking green tea is just two cups per day after each meal.

4. Black tea

Black tea is another effective herbal tea that may support good healthy digestion. Polyphenols and antioxidants in black tea eliminate gut bacteria and digestive problems and smoothen the digestion process.

5. Peppermint tea

Teas for Digestive Problems
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Drinking peppermint tea after meals can boost health benefits for digestive health. Peppermint tea helps relieve stomach cramps, gas, and bloating.

6. Chamomile tea

Chamomile has been used for centuries as a remedy for digestive issues like nausea, gas, and bloating.

Additionally, chamomile flower contains anti-inflammatory properties, volatile oils, and flavonoids that balance stomach acids, ease stomach cramps, and treat gastritis.

Drinking two cups of chamomile tea a day can help you ease digestion problems.

7. Dandelion tea

Dandelion root tea has mighty health benefits for gut detox. It has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve inflammation caused by gastritis and enhance appetite. Also, dandelion may soothe the stomach lining^integrity and relieve constipation.

How to make dandelion tea?

  • Take a glass of boiled water.
  • Add one tablespoon of dried dandelion root leaves.
  • Let it steep for 5 minutes before straining and drinking.
  • Add honey (optional)

8. Marshmallow root tea

The marshmallow or mallow plant has been used by Egyptians as early as 200BC in traditional medicine, cosmetics, and desserts. However, Studies have shown that marshmallow root tea is effective to treat stomach ulcer symptoms, constipation, and diarrhea.

To prepare marshmallow tea you need:

  • 2 cups of boiled water.
  • 1 tablespoon of sifted marshmallow root.
  • Let simmer for about 15 minutes on low heat.
  • Strain the tea and add honey to sweeten the taste if needed.

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